Toyota Oil Change

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Oil Change Service in Palestine, TX

Palestine Toyota has a comprehensive service center that is ready to help you with the longevity of your car. We can tackle all of your maintenance needs, from oil changes and brake servicing to more complex and extensive repairs. Our facility is well-equipped and our technicians are highly trained. As a Certified Toyota Service Center we also use OEM Toyota parts and using manufacturer parts has been shown to extend the life of a vehicle. So, next time you need and oil change, come into Palestine Toyota and let our experienced staff take care of your vehicle maintenance.

Why is an Oil change Important?

Having your oil changed routinely is important for many reasons. The function of engine oil is, of course, to lubricate engine parts. The proper lubrication of an engine reduces stress on engine parts, reduces friction and heat, and maximizes the efficiency of the engine. However, as oil breaks down it becomes less and less capable of doing its job.

Oil breaks down as a result of relentless friction and heat inside the engine and get dirty and gritty which make it worse at lubricating. As a result, the engine creates even more friction than usual which put more stress on the engine which reduced fuel efficiency and can lead to other mechanical issues.

Service at Palestine Toyota

Palestine Toyota is dedicated to provide an outstanding customer service experience in each one of its departments. Our sales team helps you select and purchase the vehicle that suits your personal needs and budget. Our financial department assists you in securing an auto loan and searches incessantly to find low interest rates and low monthly payments for your borrowing needs. Finally, our service department helps you maintain your vehicle throughout its life and is here as a resource for proper vehicle care. Come by Palestine Toyota to experience our dedication to you, our customer.

 You can reach us at 903-480-9390.