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Brake Servicing in Palestine, TX

The comprehensive service center at Palestine Toyota offers quality brake servicing on-site! Our certified Toyota technicians are highly trains and well experienced in all models, especially Toyota models. We will tune your brakes to the proper manufacturer specifications and we use Toyota OEM parts in any repairs. So stop faster and get your brakes serviced at Palestine Toyota in Palestine! Come into the dealership or contact us to schedule an appointment today! Contact us today (903) 480-9390.

The Magnitude of Maintenance: Brakes

Some might not know why brake maintenance is particularly important, and that's okay because Palestine Toyota is also a resource for maintenance education. First off, whether you know why it is important or not, you should know that vehicle maintenance is a must.

Brake system maintenance is specifically important because it is the mechanism that allows you to drive from place to place without colliding with other cars or objects. Great right? However, after a while your brakes need to be serviced because through usage, certain components wear down. As they wear down these components become less efficient and can ultimately reduce your braking capabilities, and with reduced braking capabilities, comes an increased risk of collision.

The Importance of Brake pads

For instance, brake pads are what create friction on your rotors and cause your vehicle to slow down. But, as they are used they wear down and must be replaced. If they aren't replaced routinely, the brake pad will completely disintegrate and the metal behind your brake pad will dig into your rotors. This not only reduces braking capability, it damages your rotors because the metal digs into them rather than a brake pad. This can result in a costly repair, not to mention the unbearable squeaking that the metal causes as you slow down.

Own a Scion? Your Scion will receive proper care by trained technicians using Genuine Toyota Parts.

Why Replace Your Brake Fluid

Another large component of your braking system is the brake fluid. The brake fluid creates pressure in the system so that when you press your brake pedal, the brakes are engaged. Because the brake fluid is responsible for establishing pressure in your brakes, it is important to make sure that it is both, clean and at the proper levels. If the fluid is the wrong consistency or at the wrong level then it doesn't establish the proper pressure.

These are just a couple of the mechanisms behind the most important safety mechanism in your vehicle, the braking system. As you can see, there are many individual parts they need to be routinely checked and maintained in order to give you efficient stopping power which is why regular brake service is essential.

Come into Palestine Toyota for your brake service and take advantage of our competitive pricing and service specials to save on your service!

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Palestine Toyota has a complete vehicle center. From selling to financing to maintenance, we provide our customers an excellent service. Our customers are the most import part of our business and we treat them that way. The sales department is informed on the features and options on all of our models and can help direct you towards a vehicle that is suited to you based on your needs and your budget. Then, our finance team is dedicated to getting our customers approved for auto loans and goes the extra mile to find low interest rates and low monthly payments that make financing more affordable. Finally, our service technicians are intensely trained in Toyota vehicles and many others as well. They offer complete service from oil changes and tire service to full scale repairs like transmission replacements. Plus, they are available to our customers to ask questions regarding maintenance so all of our customers can practice proper vehicle care.

At Palestine Toyota, our dedication is evident. We want our customers to feel our appreciation and enjoy a comfortable environment while they shop, get financed, or receive maintenance from us. Come see us today! You can reach us at 903-480-9390.

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